TWE Black Friday 2017 Edition

Posted 24 November 2017

Black Friday  - unofficially the beginning of the Christmas season, now more commonly recognised as the one day of the year that most personifies the good-will, humility and frugality of the human race. Scenes of stampeding frenzied shoppers flattening each other to sate their inante bargain-hunting mentality have always rather baffled me, whilst at the same time provided a timely reminder of just how astute George A. Romero’s 1978 film Dawn of the Dead really was/is. Fortunately for us, the world of whisky doesn’t tend to devolve in to a sadistic version of supermarket sweep all that often – indeed, The Whisky Exchange are looking to bring us something altogether more sophisticated for this year's annual celebration of consumerism.

Blended Malt No.3 19 year old

Posted 06 December 2017

Door No.5 and Boutique-y are having fun with their tea spoon again. This blended malt is composed of 99.9% single malt from a ‘famous Speyside distillery’. So whilst the label indicates a blended malt, and technically it is, for practical purposes the 0.01% tea spoon is not going to have any discernible impact on the original single malt contents of this bottle. It’s 19 years old and is delivered at an ABV of 50.2%.