Longrow Red 12 year old Fresh Pinot Noir Casks

Posted 13 September 2017

Springbank’s peatier expression Longrow has been releasing its ‘Red’ series since 2012. These focus on wine maturation/finishing, specifically, and in no surprise to anyone, red wines. To date, we’ve had smoky Longrow whiskies matured and/or finished in casks which have held Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Port, Pinot Noir, and most recently Malbec.

Longrow 18 year old 2016 release

Posted 02 August 2017

Longrow is Springbank’s double distilled and heavily peated line of whiskies. Its name derives from the long lost distillery which operated in Campbeltown from 1824 through to it's closure in1896. Springbank first produced Longrow as an experimental ex-bourbon/ex-sherry cask marriage with a phenolic level of around 50PPM. It gained a small army of fans and has subsequently become established as one of the distilleries three main brands.