Invergordon 42 year old Batch 15

Posted 09 December 2017

Day 8, and a quarter of the way through the highly enjoyable Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent calendar. When you get up to your fifteen batch of a single malt whisky you should probably rest easy that what you’re producing is ticking a few boxes for at least a few people. It’s therefore no surprise to see another Boutique-y Invergordon within the 2017 advent calendar. In fact, thinking back, this label is possibly one of the very first that I can remember seeing back in 2012. 15 iterations later…

Invergordon 1972 Chairman’s Private Reserve no.12

Posted 06 November 2017

Small Swedish independent bottler Svensk Whiskeyförmedling is located in Örebro about 200 miles west of Stockholm. Founded around 2012 by a group of whisky enthusiasts, the company provides brokerage services, whisky tasting events, and a growing range of special releases of Scotch whisky produced under several different house brands. Their Chairman’s Private Reserve line originated in 2013 with a bottling of 1985 27 year old Longmorn for their friends and family, but, fast-forward to 2017 and there’s been 18 further releases covering a wide and interesting range of distilleries.