Glentauchers was founded in 1897 by two whisky blenders: James Buchanan and W P Lowrie.  Ownership of the distillery has passed between many companies over the years and  in 1965 the site was completely rebuilt and the number of stills  increased to six. The distillery is now owned by Pernod Ricard with it's production destined for blends such as Ballantine's and Teacher's. In fact, only 1% of Glentauchers finds its way into single malts, barring on release in 2000 of a 15 year old, then are all independently bottled.

Glentauchers 2008 8 year old single cask 900184

Posted 15 May 2017

Glentauchers is very rarely seen in single malt form, with virtually all of their annual output being used for blended whisky. From a little Internet research I can see that there was an official distillery bottling of a 15 year old in 2000, but that's it - if you want to explore further you need to check in on your friendly neighbourhood independent bottler. Fortunately, in that regard, you're in luck as there's a few of them.

63.43 Sorrel punch

Posted 30 November 2017

Youthful Speyside in the form of a 9 year old Glentauchers that’s been matured in a refill ex-Bourbon barrel. One of 124 bottles. Juicy, Oak & Vanilla profile.

Glentauchers 17 year old Batch 2

Posted 10 December 2017

Door number 9 delivers us a Boutique-y Glentauchers. Released around April 2016 it was amount the first bottlings released by Boutique-y that displayed an age-statement – a decision which the company has stuck with ever since.