Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 4

Posted 19 October 2017

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be effusive about every single whisky that’s put before you. Indeed, as taste is all a matter of opinion, we’re naturally going to be predisposed to enjoy somethings more than others. Samples are therefore a great way of trying a whisky before committing to buying a whole bottle. You can do this via outlets like Drinks By The Dram, or, even better, find some fellow enthusiasts and get swapping!

123.19 Jack-in-the-box

Posted 30 November 2017

A 9 year old Glengoyne that was distilled on 29th August 2008 and matured in a 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrel. One of 217 bottles from the Young & Spritely flavour profile.

Glengoyne 21 year old

Posted 25 August 2017

Whilst there’s nothing quite like tasting whisky whilst standing in an evocative warehouse surrounded by slowly maturing casks, sometimes you have to accept the next best thing. So it was that I turned in to a live tasting with Glengoyne, streamed from their No.1 Warehouse. The session was ably lead by Distillery Manager Robbie Hughes and Brand Manager Robert Hendry who provided an insightful look at Glengoyne’s history, whisky and philosophy.